Attention Dentists: Need New Premium Patients? 

Get a Well Customized Super-Effective Marketing Blueprint That Buries Your Competition Below 50 Feet of Dirt!

You will love it! Creating the blueprint is FREE. But if you need our help implementing it, price starts from $10,000...


Get a Well Customized, Super-Effective Marketing Blueprint for Dentists


Get a Well Customized, Super-Effective Marketing Blueprint for Dentists

Dear Dentist,

Would you like to attract 5-20 new patients or more every week?

If yes, then we can help.

Here’s how:

My office has set out some time this week to help 10 dentists. We'll design a well customized, super-effective marketing blueprint for them.

The marketing blueprint empowers the 10 lucky dentists to bury their competition below 50 feet of dirt. Not to brag, it's that powerful. 

Here's what's inside the custom marketing blueprint:

It contains the exact type of website, landing pages or sales funnel that attracts your best clients. It also contains the exact angles that land more clients with the least marketing budget.

Also, the blueprint comes with the exact traffic sources that have been proven to work for dentists just like you. It's a way of saying that your blueprint shows exactly where your most ideal patients hang out on the internet and how you can easily attract them to you.

Finally, it comes equipped with the sales process you should use (assuming you don’t have an effective sales closing approach yet.)

All this will be documented in a PDF and sent to you.

If you implement the blueprint, I guarantee you'll explode your business over the next 90 days.

What’s the price, you ask? It's absolutely FREE.

But there’s a catch.

The catch is that due to how time-consuming the process of designing your blueprint is, we can do this for just 10 dentists. This is because we can work with only a handful of clients at a time so we can help them win.

Here’s why we’re offering this for free:

First, we do this occasionally. Usually, once a year, to give back and build goodwill in our business.

Secondly, this is how we get new clients. If we select you for this free blueprint design, you'll likely love the blueprint and ask us to help you implement it. If that’s the case, then we'll talk about becoming a client.

But if you want to go ahead and implement it all by yourself, then we’ll wish you the best of luck and part as friends.

So if you’re interested in getting a well customized, super-effective marketing blueprint that blows your competition away, enter your name and email below to get started..

Looking forward to helping you end the year strong and start 2022 with power!

To your success,
Kennedy Cee
Founder, 9-Figure Marketing

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