Here's How It Works

1. We'll do all the confusing "techie stuff for you".

We'll make sure your business page is set up right.

Then we'll make sure your ads manager is set up right.

Then we'll create your Facebook pixel and make sure that's set up right.

YOU DO NOTHING during this part. (It's super boring and kind of awful unless you like tech stuff.)

This is SUPER IMPORTANT due to all the iOS Shenanigans. Best to have someone just handle it for you.

2. We'll Craft An Ad That Attracts The People You Want

You'll work with us one-on-one during this part. And by "work", I mean "answer some questions so we make sure we're doing a good job for you."

First, we'll find out exactly who you want.

Then we'll find out what THEY want.

Then we'll create an ad that makes them want it from YOU.

We do the copy, the image (or video), everything.

3. We'll Build Everything FOR YOU in YOUR Facebook Account

We'll share screens with you and set up your ad, do the targeting, everything.

When we're done, it'll be ready to go and you can take it from there.

Plus we'll record the entire session for you so you can use it whenever you want to create a new campaign.


In addition to setting up your Facebook Business Manager the right way, setting up your ad account, making sure it's connected to your page and your tracking pixels are firing off correctly, researching and finding 20 different target audiences to show your ads to, creating a great ad designed to do whatever you want it to and recording the entire process for you so you can do it yourself whenever you want... 

We Will Publish Your News Article On 200+ News Websites 
(for people who want to build trust and credibility fast)

This will help anyone who doesn't have a solid presence online to gain instant credibility.

Imagine your name or company's name dominating Google search when your clients search for you online. 

This makes the results you get from your ad 10X more effective because when customers search for you after seeing your ads, you're seen on major publications like MarketWatch, Fox News, CBS News, Google News, etc.

Imagine what this will do to your credibility and trust you build with clients even before they buy your stuff.

Just send us any news article of your choice and we'll take it from there. If you want us to write it for you, we can discuss this with our PR department at

That's your brand new bonus worth $950 just for saying 'YES!' to this offer.

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