Marketing System for Active Item, Inc.

The Problem

Dr. Walter Wolf created a great anti-aging product that’s designed for the ultra-rich only. After the first wave of the coronavirus, Dr. Walter Wolf was having a hard time finding new customers for his $10,000 per month anti-aging product. His customer base was literally wiped out by the virus.

The Solution

We developed a powerful and effective marketing campaign targeting the richest people in America between the ages of 20 to 50, as they are the target audience for this product. We created both online and offline marketing campaigns – digital and traditional marketing strategies were deployed.

The Result

The product went from a few customers to about 21 new customers paying $10,000 per month after 3 months of building and optimizing his company’s campaign. And his customer base has continued to increase ever since. That’s an additional $210,000 per month in sales in the first 3 months of working together as a result of the marketing campaign we built for his product.


Marketing System for Active Item, Inc.

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