Manny Hernandez

The Problem

Manny was a former U.S Marine who happens to be a business coach and consultant. After he left the Marines, he went fully into business consulting. He was using a lot of methods to hunt for clients: blogging, YouTube videos, podcasting, etc. Some months he makes enough income to sustain his family while most other months
were as dry as a desert – he could barely get by. And this was terribly stressful for him because he was getting clients randomly and inconsistently. He didn’t know what the next month holds for him and his family. He was simply struggling to survive.

The Solution

When he came to us at 9-Figure Marketing, we worked together with him and crafted out one great webinar sales funnel and a presentation. We helped him get a great new domain name that rightly reflects the solution he provides in his marketplace. Then we built a system that allows him to have his calendar fully booked with new high-value prospective clients.

The Result

In just 8 months of working with us, Manny went from struggling every month to $960,000 in revenue. Manny was completely blown away by the results he got. He grew his business beyond his initial expectation. He went on to start other businesses from this huge windfall and breakthrough.

Manny Hernandez