Opachich Wellness Center

The Problem

Dr. Pat was nearing retirement and didn’t have much saved up for his retirement. He came to us with his problem, stating that most of the chiropractic works he does with his patients will never be enough to help him have enough saved up in this retirement nest.

He also told us that he’s got a stem cell implantation service that can potentially help him build wealth. However, the problem was that he doesn’t know how to effectively market it. That was when we dug in and got started working.

The Solution

First, we completely overhauled his old website with a brand new world-class website. This would later help him get dozens of new appointments every week organically with patients, all from Google and Bing. After this, we developed a powerful and effective marketing campaign targeting the senior folks within 100 miles of Jacksonville, Fl, as they are the target audience for this product. We created both online and offline marketing campaigns.

The Result

In the first 3 months of building the website, Opachich Wellness Center experienced a 600% increase in the number of leads they get from Google. And in the first 2 years of working with us, they were able to increase their revenue by 550%. This is a great leap from where they were to where they’ve always wanted to be.

Opachich Wellness Center's Patient-Attracting System

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